Friday, March 4, 2011

What is the going rate for senior or elderly in home care service worker?

What you pay for all workers in the nursing home? NO is a nurse / RN. --- Home Care Assistance: In order to housewares in general, such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, bathing, if needed, clothing, medication reminders, helping them run errands to the store beauty salon, however, and also help to communicate with family, if necessary. There is also the theme of isolation and depression, I have a worker in the home can be a friend and encouragement. What is the going rate? What agencies will charge you tell me? A. Payment (per hour visits a week - but you pay for) two functions usually carried out three. area where you live I have an idea of what to expect. Thanks:) 4 .** Also, I wonder if it is a body or person * * * * ---- This is what I'm trying to weigh. (Taxes and duties of both off what others pay, prices, etc) I understand the social and the "general" in both problems, but I need the number or really worth considering what is best not general ideas. Thank you all for your help, what workers earn less than half of what the customer is charged by an authority. I worked for a day and quit. Since this varies in different areas, your best bet is to name a few agencies and ask what they want. They usually take an hour and have a minimum number of hours. If they have all day or all night, or in 24 hours or less per hour. Some authorities have employed staff and pay the office and provide home care aide's salary. Other agency records. They keep a list of certified home health assistants. You pay the adjutant, and you pay a small fee to the Authority. They are usually not glued. If you hire someone to ensure you have good references and they are certified. Besides the good work, you must be looking for honesty issues such as theft. It is Valry from state to state. My cousin in NM, who works for an agency and only $ 8 per hour. NV paid in the same agency ninth hour. I have heard that bodies absorb about $ 22 per hour and the money comes from social services in some cases. I'm really a small foutune for the elderly. The government used to pay for a minute. two hours a few times a week, but fell to 1 hour and 45 minutes. I know some people who care for the elderly here and say that NV is difficult to give good care in less than 2 hours. Workers must have a phone and pay their own gas driving between clients.They spend money out of pocket for seniors.It is a job for people who really in kind. Some of the tasks and the cousin of my friends are the bathroom, changing diapers, bags calastomy cleaning, washing the bathroom floor several times to visit as it has the regular light cleaning and some shopping.They are not allowed to manage medicine or medical creams, but they are allowed to use a body lotion, a kind of confusion .


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